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Red Leaf Group’s Wilderness Simulations (previously Peak Teams)

The strength and commitment of your team will be put to the test during interactive film journeys placed in the harshest environments. You & your team will work hard as you face the realities of an unpredictable journey.

During the simulations, business teams are challenged with real-life scenarios that our adventurers have filmed. These scenarios, combined with spectacular footage, personal stories and expert facilitation, provide powerful and practical learning experiences. Teams get to engage and chose their own inspiring adventure.

What is a Wilderness Simulation

Participants will form teams and put themselves in the position of real explorers as they make decisions about a series of challenging scenarios that come to life on the big screen. Before the simulation begins, each team will choose a goal, select a leader and agree on a set of guiding principles. After that, success will depend on each team’s ability to interpret the environment, adapt to change, manage risks and solve and increasingly complex set of problems.

"The Peak Teams "Reach for the Summit" programme has been a perfect addition to our Eco-Seagate programme for the past two years. Thousands of people could talk to us about values and teamwork, but you actually show us and let us experience it ourselves. The response has been very positive, the participants immediately applying the learnings on an individual and team level. This visually impressive program is one of the best we've ever seen."
- Bill Watkins, President and COO, Seagate Technologies