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HQ New Zealand provide global team and leadership development programmes suitable for all levels of an organisation.
HQ New Zealand recognises that a company’s most valuable resource is the people. Investing time in developing the strengths and talents of your people is the most effective route to company success. We can provide the tools to coach and guide your teams to achieve their maximum potential.
Our Peak Teams Leadership Development programmes are effective, engaging and inspirational. All our workshops and team building programmes are run by professional facilitators, business coaches and psychologists and tailored to your company’s specific structure and culture. There are four Peak Teams programmes which focus on different key learnings. Clients say that nothing engages peoples emotions, feeling and beahaviour like the Peak Teams virtual-based interactive adventures.

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"I wanted to formally acknowledge and congratulate you on delivering an outstanding Peak teams "Reach for the Summit" business session, which was the highlight of the conference. The professional way in which you delivered this session and tied the activities and lessons back to the business environment was a real credit to you. The feedback from all participants on the session was extremely positive and everyone is keen for part two in due course."
- Jim Harris, Broker Web Management (NZ)